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TomTom Touch - Small

Why track your steps when you can track what your body is made of; TomTom Touch makes other trackers old news because as well as tracking steps, sleep and heart rate, it tracks your body composition. Measure your body fat and muscle percentage right from your wrist with the touch of a button. See what your body is made of with body composition. Measure your body fat and muscle mass percentage right from your wrist with the touch of a button. Fitness starts from the heart. Monitor your heart rate throughout the day to find out your resting heart rate, which is a great indicator of your fitness level. Capture steps, active time, calories burned, heart rate and sleep time. Day and night, 24/7 activity tracking. Mix it up and log your workouts in sports mode. Youll see how the intensity of this mornings walk compares to yesterdays run and last weeks bootcamp. Dive into your stats, view your progress and share your achievements in the tomtom mysports app. Wrist monitor. Size H17.5, W1.7, D1...  More Info
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Results 25 - 25 of about 25
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